Science Today and Tomorrow


Science What We Don’t know

There’s so much in the subject of science that we don’t know. Its pretty amazing how far we’ve come in let’s just say 50 years ago. If you look back It is really astonishing how dumb mankind was when they thought the world was flat and was the center of the universe. I always liked science in school. It was fun even though we were taught that pluto was a planet and now its not anymore. I think it still counts though. Another thing I can’t believe how much stuff is out there that we don’t get taught in public schools. Below some of the stuff I think is cool or interesting. I think its important for us to learn at least once a week if we are not in school anymore. Or at least play games that require you to exercise your brain like chess, memory games, puzzles, crosswords, or what ever you can have fun doing. Another great thing about learning something new it’s a great conversation starter.

Did you know? Statements                                                                      More added when I feel the need.                                                                                                Did you know scientist recently found that the milky way galaxy may not be as massive as previously thought. Did you know that humans take up more space on this planet then they really need to survive. Did you know lobsters blood turns blue when exposed to oxygen but otherwise colorless. Did you know you can over-dose on water. Did you know???

Look at that progress                                                                              Technology

Funny no? When you think about all the advancements in technology. There’s so much that happen in just a couple of years. Remember brick phones? No, then your too young to read this. Just kidding your just lucky. Aren’t all these advances suppose to make our life easier or lazier. Both probably depends I guess, it’s what you do with the tech thats given to you that defines if its a curse or needed. Like prosthetics needed, phone to call your mom in the next room not needed and lazy… Really Lazy. Facebook not needed, myspace needed. No just kidding its the other way around. Not really, I think you get the point.

Another good site to get useless interesting info                                                                                                                                                 To be honest it’s a very addicting site to go to every now and again. Mostly funny junk in the articles but, every now and again there are great ones that talk about historical facts and scientific reasons such as why people believe in ghost. A good distraction for a boring day…


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