About Me and this Website

My name is Gabriel or Gabe for short.

Hey welcome to Shadow Sphere of thought, so I’ve decided to write about things that interest me. Comic Books being one of those things. I Started on Squidoo to do so, it allows a easy way to share content of any topic. I call it Shadow Sphere of Thought because I like the name Shadow, I always thought it was a cool name instead of a thing. The sphere of thought part is because I think a lot a little too much so its just how I come up with my content on the lenses on squidoo. Constantly, different ideas come to me some good some bad. I hope some of the content is entertaining/informative at least a little. There’s always something to learn so feedback is appreciated. If there’s any questions let me know, and if there’s a certain topic you would like me to talk about sooner rather than later feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my lenses here or there.

This will be my home page for all updates to my Squidoo site. Also I will be blogging and sharing Comic Book pictures. I talk about comic book characters on my squidoo because When I go look for Character details there aren’t really that many good sites that give you more than one-sided opinions, and I want to hear all opinions on different heroes, villains, and even semi-characters. Also, to talk about movie adaptations.

I am now also on Bubblews now. I will not be linking those but it will be shared through my twitter.

My Profile Pages on Squidoo and Bubblews, I am now also on Youtube posting some gaming clips if you’d like to check that out; Youtube



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