Graphic Novel Reviews

I recently finished five graphic novel reviews over at Squidoo, 4 DC comics and 1 Marvel. So here’s the list:

  1. Graphic Novel Reviews: House of M
  2. Graphic Novel Reviews: Superman/Batman Vol. 2 Supergirl
  3. Graphic Novel Reviews: Superman The Journey
  4. Graphic Novel Reviews: Superman The Greatest Stories Ever Told
  5. Graphic Novel Reviews: Superman Our Worlds at War

More will come as soon as I buy some more, so let me know if you like these here or at the lenses themselves.

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Two Finished Lenses

I finally got around to adding enough to the CW: Smallville vs Arrow lens to publish it. I have also added a lens about the first album I ever bought. Called My First Album Bought: Mothership which is about a Led Zeppelin CD I bought and also my taste in music. This one got into Best Of Music on Squidoo which is nice.

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Do you like “I Spy” books?

Check out my new Squidoo lens: I Spy Books: Not Just For Kids

I saw the book on another squidoo post of mystery books for kids and it reminded me of the times I used to read each I spy book finding all the little nick-nacks it has you look for.

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Superman vs. Batman Lens

Almost finished with my Batman Vs Superman lens which has my ideas of what the movie will be about. How it’ll be different from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns animated movies. Probably going to publish the lens in about two hours. The link will work then, so once it goes live be sure to vote in the polls letting me know what you think.

(edit: Now finished visit link)


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CW’s Superhero TV Shows

I’ve made a Green Arrow: Smallville vs Arrow ( lens where I Compared the Green Arrow characters. I am now working on a CW version where I compare the two shows in whole instead. I also will be creating some on the shows to come such as Gotham and The Flash. 

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